Deciding consciously


One of the benefits of downsizing and needing to get rid of most of what we own is the process of making conscious decisions.

I have a collection of some 300 vinyl records and I hardly played them at all since moving to Johannesburg a decade ago. In part because the player I have is sub-standard but also because, well mission.

I love the liner art, notes and beautiful covers of vinyl and the process of playing a record. But the average album needs to be turned over every 25 minutes whereas I can set my Sonos to play my music collection and it’ll run for over a month before running out of music.

So, do we keep the vinyl and get a decent player or get rid of them?

When we moved to Johannesburg the answer was, hell yes keep the vinyl. But there was no thought about that decision as it was just about do we have the space? We did so we kept them.

Now with a much smaller space we must ask;

  • Are we prepared to give that space to vinyl rather than something else?
  • Will we play them?
  • Are they beautiful?
  • Do they add meaning to our lives?

This applies to absolutely everything that we’ll be taking to our new place. Nothing moves unless it has been consciously thought about and it is a great process. It gets you thinking about what you enjoy, how you want to spend your time and what’s important.

So the vinyl is moving, but now we have another ton of things to decide on.


Simon Brown